Mr Mohamed TEBBOU, Directeur du Complexe Touristique la Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou

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Native of the old Ksar of AIT BEN HADDOU in 1932, and after serving for a few years within the National Office of Water and Sanitation (O.N.A) in the mines of BOUAZAR, I early realized, considering the beauty of the site, the promising future that this Ksar would have in terms of tourism.

In 1969, the village of Ait Ben Haddou was little known to tourists , since it was located about ten kilometers away from the national road (RN 10) connecting Ouarzazate to Marrakech, and it had just been equipped with a single-track road, the only access for cars. Driven by a deep desire to share the beauty and cultural richness of the Ksar, I invested the savings from years of work in the mines of Bouazar to purchase a large taxi, determined to reveal a part of the history of my country, my region, and my village to the world. Then I knocked on the door of Club Med, whose owner was none other than a certain Trigano, former CEO of the mines of Bouazar, converted to the tourism industry, to propose excursions to the Ait Ben Haddou kasbah. This is how my humble contribution to the promotion and development of the Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou was forged.

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The current restaurant of the hotel, previously the home of the owner Mr.TEBBOU, has an interesting history of hosting famous guests and being a filming location. in the 1970’s , it was used for makeup and rest of the famous James Bond 007 , Sean CONNERY , while the shooting of the movie “ the man who wanted to be King “ near the Hotel la Kasbah AIT BEN HADDOU and more precisely at the Oued separating the old ksar and our tourist complex.

A scene from the Italian film "Behind the Door" was shot in the hotel's red salon, with Tom Berenger as the main actor in 1982.

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner often had their lunch and enjoyed Moroccan traditional tea at the hotel’s restaurant during the filming of the movie "The Jewel of the Nile" ( sequel of the famous “ Romancing the Stone” ) in 1985.

Prince Charles of England, currently Charles III, had a traditional Moroccan mint tea with his close friends during his visit to Morocco.

La fameuse symphonie du désert a été jouée au pied de notre complexe touristique et ce en face du vieux Ksar. Elle été transmise en directe sur des chaines TV internationales dont TV5.

The famous symphony of the desert was played at the foot of our tourist complex in front of the old ksar and was live broadcasted on international TV channels including TV5, Additionnaly , it was host to the famous egyptian actor Ahmed IDDIR ( pictures are on our facebook page )

The Japanese Crown Prince, Naru Hito, now the Emperor of Japan, had tea at the restaurant's salon overlooking the old ksar during his visit to Morocco.

During the filming of "Gladiator," the team of actors, stuntmen, and technical assistants usually had lunch at the hotel restaurant. 

the former Gabonese prime minister of defense , Mr. Ali Bango made a stop with his friends to enjoy appetizers on the restaurant terrace with a mesmerizing view of the old Ksar .

The garden of our tourist complex was chosen to host the lunch of the former First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton. She was accompanied by her daughter Chelsea and other VIP guests.

after the filming of "Prince of Persia," a large traditional door and two "Kobbats" that were used as decor during the filming were recovered and currently serve as the hotel's facade decor.

Nawal Moutaouakil, our champion and international legend, briefly stopped by for lunch at the hotel restaurant.

Our host, Mrs Meriem Bensaleh, has been a loyal customer of our establishment for over 20 years.

While shooting the TV series "BENT LHARRAZ" in the Kasbah, the Moroccan cast members frequently dined at the hotel restaurant, and some also stayed at the hotel. Notable cast members who enjoyed the hotel's hospitality include Kamal KADIMI, Fatima OUACHAY, Salaheddine BENMOUSSA, Houda SIDQI, Jawad SAYEH, and Yassine AHAJJAM.

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